Support Services

From time to time, you may find that you are in need of assistance with our software. In an effort to meet your needs, we have provided you with several resources.

•    Telephone/Remote Support

•    Online Support Ticket System - Knowledge Base

•    Integrated User Guide

Comprehensive Telephone/Remote Support - Get your question answered FAST!

Telephone assistance is now available with ISC Technical Support Services at a much lower cost than most software companies offer! A qualified Island Software Company Technical Support Technician will address your questions or concerns and assist in troubleshooting problems or issues you may be experiencing utilizing the award-winning remote support tool GoToAssist by Citrix. You will need to purchase a “Support Services Agreement” in order to access this option.

Other resources:

Integrated User Guide

The integrated user guide contains information about the set up and use of your product. This resource is useful in understanding functions, processes and features in the program. The User Guide may be accessed in the program one of two ways. Click the question mark button on the application toolbar...or Click on the "Help" menu and select "Healthcare Office User Guide"

Online Support Ticket System - Knowledge Base (FAQ)

Our FAQ (frequently asked questions) area is a great resource for information on your product. In your day-to-day use of this product, you may have questions that go beyond the functions of the information contained in the user guide. The Knowledge Base or FAQ area is a collection of instructions and answers that have been written in response to questions of users like you. You may also issue a support ticket through our online support ticket system. These questions are usually answered within 48 hours. We encourage you to utilize these tools. They are available 24 hours a day, at no cost to you!

What Services Does ISC Support Provide?

ISC Support answers questions and provides assistance related to the operation of Healthcare Office Professional in a healthcare provider’s business. Assistance provided includes but is not limited to troubleshooting of an issue and providing a resolution when available. We are unable to assist with computer hardware problems or training on software other than our own or on medical billing questions other than how it relates to our software. We may recommend that you contact a specialist in computers if the issue warrants the need. ISC Support Services will provide software assistance to any customer regardless of where the program was purchased.

Extra Services

Certain services are not applicable to Island Software Company’s regular service plans. These services are billed separately:
Data File Repair - This service may be necessary if your database files become damaged through incidents such as a power surge or computer hardware problems. This service includes a charge for the diagnostic and repair of data. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the user. We highly recommend that backup of your data is made on a regular basis. The restoration of a current backup will be the most cost effective solution for data corruption.

Custom Formatting –

Island Software Company products include a custom report designer to allow the program's printed output to be customized. Island Software Company support will answer your questions to help you begin to customize a form. Custom forms and reports can be created for you at an additional charge.

When You Call Support

You will need a Support Services Agreement in place to receive assistance from a representative unless you are utilizing pay per use support. Please see our "Support Services Plans" below for current prices on our available agreements. The amount of time you spend on the phone will be reduced if you have the following items available when you call ISC Support Services:

1. The serial number and registration information for your Island Software Company software. If you have purchased your product through an Authorized Distributor, you may not have an account with Island Software Company. In this case you will need to register your product through our online registration by following the registration instructions included with your software or call 877-384-0295 and register by phone.

2. A complete description of your problem or question, including the complete text of any error messages. Please be prepared to answer questions pertaining to the issue. Please have the computer on which the software resides available; this will provide us the option to troubleshoot if necessary.

If you need to purchase a Support Services Agreement you have two options:

1. You can download the Agreement posted on this website page, fill the Agreement out completely and fax it back to the number indicated on the form or,

2. If you do not have the ability to download the information on this site, you can call Island Software Support and have a representative fax the forms to you directly. You will be required to fill out the Support Agreement completely and fax it back to our office in order to process your request and send out a confirmation.

Technical Support Agreements are processed within 1 hour during the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST. You will receive a confirmation via fax once your Support Service Agreement has been processed and approved. Any requests received after these designated hours will be processed and a notification sent the next business day. For further details, please see the form “Support Services Agreement”.

Service Hours
Support is available from 9:00 am until 5 pm CST Monday - Friday throughout the year. The exceptions to this availability will be holidays, and an occasional all staff meeting.

Service Plans

Support type


12 Months Unlimited Support – single machine installation – 60 days free
(12 month term begins 60 days after initial installation)   
12 Months Unlimited Support – network installation – 90 days free
(12 month term begins 60 days after initial installation)   
*Support contract purchased with software – single machine – 60 days free (first year only)
*Support contract purchased with software – network – 90 days free (first year only)
Personal Telephone/Web Conference Training Session  (average 60-90 minutes)

*Best Value

To talk to a representative about ordering our Support Services, call toll-free 877-384-0295